Neil MacNaughton - Performer

"Sawyer Dundas brings everything you want in a musician to the rehearsal room and stage. He matches technical skill with a 'let's do this!' attitude that makes him a pleasure to work with. He has a wealth of musical knowledge and a great ear for learning new material. Add to that his winning smile and humble personality and you've got a performer with a long career ahead of him. Book him now while you can afford him!" 

Alex Anitori - Performer

"If you get a chance to see this guy, do it. He's a massive talent with a fantastic voice. You will not be disappointed."

Rob Walker - Owner, Boston Manor

"Sawyer is a crowd pleaser with a huge stage presence. What's more is he's a terrific guy with a great personality and absolutely loaded with musical talent. He is welcome to play my stage anytime. Go see him if you get the chance, and if you get a chance to book him, just do it. He won't be playing small venues long."

Daniel W. Dando - Writer

"I have known Sawyer Dundas for over a year now. He is a very talented young man as well as a nice person. He plays guitar and bass and is a great singer. I have watched his talent grow this year as he has performed with a variety of musicians in venues such as The Moonshine Cafe in Oakville, ON. He is always a welcome addition on stage. I am a writer of song lyrics and am proud he is contributing to two of my tracks on an upcoming album. He is also a great music writer.

I have spent over fifty years in music and love watching a talented young man like him.

He has a great future ahead of him."

Alexandria Shankland - Musician

"Sawyer is definitely one of a kind. His abilities as a musician stretch decades beyond his age. He is an old soul with the musical  versatility most people spend their entire lives trying to achieve. If  you ever have the opportunity to watch him perform, don't hesitate. He  is going to do great things."

Jim Robertson - Musician

"Sawyer should have been born in 1950's Great Britain.  He carries around with him this air of nostalgia everywhere he goes.  He's an exceptional bassist and singer with the charisma to boot. Sawyer  works hard at his craft and it shows when he gets on that stage. Check  him out before he gets too famous for you lot."